Library Document Station

Scan any document to USB, email, smartphone, tablet, fax, Google Drive, MS OneDrive, print, Family Search and now with scan to MP3 format.

EnvisionWare Library Document Station

For well over a decade EnvisionWare has provided several options for copy management including copiers, facilities management operations and copy payment devices.  But our customers wanted faxing and scanning as well as options to control payment. Those functions required a lot of integration components, took space and were hard for patrons to use. Copier panels are designed for offices, not for the public.

Now, EnvisionWare has delivered a revolutionary new solution for public libraries - the Library Document Station. The Library Document Station adds several new public digital offerings for your patrons. Deliver the options they expect to your digital natives.

  • Intuitive for first time users
    A wizard style touch screen interface guides the patron through the workflow. Unlike copiers patrons can place a document in any position and the system will align it automatically. The patron selects a destination and has options for cropping, rotating and other tuning. But the core workflow is:
    • 1) Select a Destination
    • 2) Enter the requested information
    • 3) Scan
    • 4) Done
  • Library feedback - here are the latest comments from Whitley College:
    • "What an invaluable teaching and learning tool!  Offering searchable pdf's, in colour, with ease of transfer across digital mediums, transforms the capacity to share information and make available the latest materials for students."  Rev Dr Anne Mallaby, Lecturer in Pastoral Studies.  
    • "This is by far the most user friendly, hardware stable, software flexible, and speedy scanner that I have ever used."   Rev. Dr Jason Goroncy, Senior Lecturer in Systematic Theology.
    • "We installed this scanner just prior to the beginning of Semester 1, 2016 in time for faculty preparing Moodle content to use it, and they were so impressed with the capability and ease of use, that they became the best advertisers recommending the scanner to students in class.  Sending to email and USB are the most popular options.  Student uptake has been immediate, the photocopier – which stands next to the scanner – is barely used.  Paper consumption is right down.  It is very simple to use, and a great asset to the library.  A few years ago we had a student who was blind, and the ability to create searchable pdfs would have been invaluable for her."  Lorraine Mitchell, Library Manager.


  • Customise
    Customise the screen with your library logo; add/remove options, change prices and pricing models with ease.
  • Accessibility features
    Easy to use screen accessbility features ensure access for all users.
  • Output options
    Scan to USB, email, smart phone, tablet or cloud - all digital options for your digital users.  For the classic 'copy' operation you can scan to a local or network printer or integrate the Library Document Station with EnvisionWare LPT:One Print Management.  You can even offer faxing.  And its all self-service!
  • Versatile charging
    You decide the pricing model for each option and choose what options are enabled. The user interface provides multiple buttons that can be customised with text to fit your needs. Use a CBA (EnvisionWare Coin and Bill Acceptor) for cash payment.  And with version 3 you can link to EnvisionWare eCommerce Services to add deposit account and ILS account payment options.  
  • Use as a full self-service kioskLDS Launch Command Technology
    The included Launch Command technology lets you share the LDS touch screen computer with EnvisionWare reservation stations, print release terminals and fine payment stations.
  • Limit time using PC Reservation
    Now you can run a PC Reservation client on LDS so that the workstation can be used for multiple purposes or to control the amount of time a patron uses the scanning system
  • Share a CBA across multiple applications
     A single CBA can be used to pay for scanning, print release and fine payment.
  • Space saving
    Since the Library Document Station sits on a table or desktop you save a lot of valuable space. It doesn't require a dedicated outlet and it has no user serviceable components.
  • What's missing
    Jams, constant questions from patrons about what button to press, frustrations, reduced operating and maintenance costs, free copies due to misuse or toner problems.
  • For staff
    You can select from three options for Inter Library Loan delivery of digital documents, simply choose the service, scan the slip and then scan the document - and you're done.
  • What sets this apart from any other solution:
    • Speed and OCR Performance (ABBYY FRE with EFIGS languages)
    • Versatility
    • Output to searchable PDF, images, docx or even MP3 formats
    • Onscreen point-and-click configuration utility
    • Add optional email validation so that your borrowers can send scans using personal email accounts
    • EnvisionWare Cloud ConnectCloud Connect delivers seamless updating and statistics and clones new machines to your configuration
    • Learn more by contacting a sales consultant

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